Astrologers warned about the end of the world! And here you are! The moon began to fall apart into pieces, which, according to some incredible laws, fly to the Earth with great speed. There are a lot of pieces, and the collision of one of them with a blue planet does not bode well. Since Bruce Willis no longer flies to fight Armageddon, humanity has entrusted the protection of the planet to the most worthy — you.

After investing a considerable amount of science, time and money, people built a huge cannon, the size of a quarter of the Earth. Only it is able to eliminate the lunar chunks rushing towards the planet. Control it, shoot at these lunar meteorites, trying to destroy them completely. Sometimes when you hit a meteorite, it splits into pieces, and you need to finish off these remnants, as they can also cause serious damage to the planet.

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Asteroid protection

Games for tablet and smartphone
Games for tablet and smartphone

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