Scientists Stephen and Kate have spent their entire lives researching paranormal phenomena in the UK. For a long time, they watch with increased interest one remote and very mysterious lighthouse. It is located in the farthest corner of Scotland. To reach it, you need to travel all day by train to the village of Orkney. This lighthouse is a couple of miles away. So Kate and Stephen arrived in Orkney again. Local residents have once again started telling them about the mysterious phenomena that occur around the mysterious lighthouse. And this time, scientists are determined to unravel this phenomenon.

Well, the Scots — they see ghosts in any old castle, you know... Well, nevertheless, we will check what is there, but how.

And the guys there are disgusting! It's raining, there's a thunderstorm, and it looks like a storm is coming. It is good that you are sitting in a warm place and working remotely. You will have to search for objects around the phenomenon, and visit the lighthouse itself, find fragments of some letters there and continue the search.

In general, lovers of mystery and suspense, this game is for you. Get started!

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