The port is a complex transport hub, designed for loading and unloading, and for temporary berthing of vessels. By analogy with the airport, ships coming into port, as the planes come in for approach and landing, and leaving the port. Manager (captain) of the port times have to monitor essential traffic, to build a queue on entry and exit from the port. The captain is personally responsible for the safety of vessel traffic throughout the area, including adjacent to the port.

In this online game you will perform the duties of the captain of the port, and during busy hours of the Harbor. Significant difference from the water runs, where the ship at any time you can give a command to stay and wait here is the inability to stop the vehicle during its movement.

Imagine a airport on the water, where the role planes play boats, yachts, barges and other vessels. You can't order them to stop, and can only indicate a potential trajectory of further movement, trying to bring each vessel to one of the port berths.

Ships move at different speeds, which adds to the visual story. Try to ensure the safety of vessels on the approaches, waste inputs and outputs from the port, preventing a dangerous rapprochement and the possibility of collision.

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