Whatever happens, in any weather and time of day, in any, even in the most difficult and almost hopeless situation, you can rely on the 911 service. These people are always on duty, they are always ready to help. The police, ambulance, fire department, rescue workers — all of them, 911. And although we usually don't notice them, you can be sure that if you dial this phone number and report a problem, the response will not be long in coming.

We sang the praises of the Service, and now try to work as an officer for them. You will have to solve challenges of varying difficulty by completing missions. You need to be the fastest and most responsible, because sometimes people's lives, their peace of mind, safety and well-being depend on your work. You will need both the ability to drive fast and the ability to park deftly and accurately. Use the siren (H) if you are in a hurry for a mission and the GPS map (M) to locate the goal or object of the mission.

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