The task required to be executed by the authors of this game is clear: to destroy all enemy tanks, keeping your base untouchable. If alone you find it difficult to cope with the enemy's tank Armada, agitate boyfriend or girlfriend his assistant, put him or her in the adjacent tank, and victory over the enemy's junk in a hot battle! Keyboard controls: left player - WASD and X, right — arrow keys and spacebar. Trash trash, but the enemy tanks are well armed and ready to carry your war machine with one shot. Hide!

Below are some symbols used in the game. the

    1 Base. You must guard it and not allow the enemy to destroy it.

    2 a Brick wall. Easily penetrated by any projectile.

    3 Steel. Only some tanks it is tough.

    4 the Forest. Be careful. Enemies sometimes hide in the woods.

    5 Water. Only specially equipped tanks to overcome water obstacles.

    6 Ice. And here is slippery... be Careful!

    7 a Nest of the enemy. A place where there are enemy tanks.

    8 Bomb. Destroys everything around it.

    9 Rebound steel. Reflects bullets, making them bounce out.

    10 Teleport. Moves the tank from one point to another with a similar installation.

    11 a Place where there is a tank of the first player.

    12 a Place where there is a tank of the second player (in the case of games together, of course).

The types of tanks and their designations, see also starting instructions in the game.

Download flash player, to play the game.

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