Arcadium company not only produces solitaire games, but also offers fishing online. And the fishing, I must say, turned out quite well for them. It's about the program, of course. But despite the beauty and detail of the performance, realism is clearly not enough here.

Take, for example, the very first scene where you sit in an old wooden boat in one of the bays of the Amazon and sip measured river bass. For this fishing trip, for some reason, you were allocated a powerful sea spinning reel with a multiplier reel that can pull out a serious halibut, for example. And here - river bass, rarely reaching more than 2-3 kg on the scales. At the same time, the resistance exerted by them, judging by the bend of the rod, is incredible, i.e. comparable to a large sea fish.

Well, come on, the main thing that the authors managed to recreate beautifully and visually is the expectation of a bite and it itself. Please note that fishing here is sporty, so the principle works: catch-let go. After pulling out and weighing the fish, release it by pressing the release button.

By the way, having successfully caught in the Amazon, you are offered the Mekong River and then the Sea! This is where such a set of fishing equipment will be very useful. So, to the authors - respect, to the players-good fishing!

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