In modern times, about cockroaches You have almost nothing like, except that some movies, Yes games like this. Previously, there were many cockroaches everywhere, but with the progress of technical progress in the field of construction and finishing, they disappeared from our homes. Why? It's very simple. Cockroaches are insects, clad in armour chitinous cover, which they should be continuously maintained in working condition. For this, the insects need calcium.

Previously, internal, and often external finishing works were carried out with the active use of chalk — whitewash remember, leaned — all white. So tarakanchiki and ate her to restore their chitinous tissues. And what now? Now You can hardly paint the walls and ceilings with a whitewash — it was successfully replaced acrylic, vinyl and other materials. Gypsum, of course, remained in the building, but it is carefully painted with the same acrylic. The food was gone — gone and cockroaches! And in this race we offer You to remember about these pesky insects and eliminate the remainder using the principles of ballistics.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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