Perhaps, this is the compact version of Mahjong in the collection Min2win, so we gave him the name Small. Shanghai can be described only in part. The thing is that the layout of the tiles is a classic Turtle, but the pictures on them similar to the classics only half. Bamboos are present, and all the other image — the fruit of the author's fantasy. There are on the planet, and faces of cats, and collars, and flowers, while the numbers on the tiles are missing.

I Must say that the player, in principle, anyway, what was drawn, because the problem that it solves is connected only with the recognition of the identity of the bones, more precisely, the images on them. At the request of the rules, the pyramid has to be completely disassembled by the end of the game. Find identical tiles and remove them in pairs by clicking them with the mouse. Is that bone, which do not interfere with neighbors. Of course, you can't take the knuckle out of the middle.

The Game is without time, the timer can be turned on and off, but it has no effect, because it counts only the time spent on disassembly.

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