Penguin work and fell asleep, but alas, the poor bird suffers from chronic sleepwalking. Poor guy is walking at night, but lurk around all sorts of danger. You have to stand up for the penguin and keep him out of trouble, which can happen on the way back to bed. Solve puzzles, clear obstacles and move the penguin to the house. Given example of passing the first level. Click on the box on the left and he will fall into the water, in the cleft between the ice floes, but will remain afloat. Click on the penguin and he, crossing the chasm, you go home. Second level. Click on the bucket on the left top, it will fall and he will drop a fish then step on the bear, he will smell the smell of fish and distracted for a while. Then, click on the penguin and he will slip by unnoticed by the beast.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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