Farm, summer, heat. Mom's chicken kicks their newly hatched Chicks, hanging in the bubbles from the mass of colorful balloons-bubbles fall from the top. As chickens were not reported, but to rescue them is necessary, especially as such a task before the player puts almost every level of the game.

How to get Chicks from the bubbles? Methodology and practice of this process, the traditional toy, called the ball shooter. At the bottom there is a cannon, in this case, a large slingshot, which runs chicken (not without Your help, by the way). With this slingshot and to shoot at the bubbles popping (destroying their clusters) groups of the same color. It's simple: shoot a yellow bubble in the group of yellow, blue — blue, etc. Destroying the group by group, You will get all the Chicks.

However there is one thing. The number of strokes (shots) at each level is limited. The rest of the shots listed from top in the graph Moves. Once you see like 0, and the task, thus, will not be completely solved, meaning not all the chickens will be saved, the level will end for You defeat. How many chickens need to be rescued? The number appears in the upper left corner, next to the thumbnail of the chick in the bubble.

In the process of bubble Buster, easy to use service balls. Four types and the ability to use (number remaining) are listed below. There is, for example, the ball taking any color you want.

And now the most important thing for regulars ball shooters and beginners. In most cases, You will NOT be able to pass a level unless you use the replace function of the balls-bubbles in the slingshot. Unfortunately, it is possible to change the current shell only with the following, but it's enough. How does it work?

Suppose, for the moment You need the red ball to fire at the group of similar color. No other does not suit You (open group only red bubbles). And slingshot, at the same time, charged with a green bubble. Look at the following ball, which compresses the chicken wings, and if it is red, feel free to take it, swapping with the current.

The game has 30 levels, all of them interesting in their own way, each there is some new flavor, such as stone bubbles that cannot burst or balls, bound with chains with a lock (for such is the service ball with the key). Good luck and a pleasant stay!

You can play the game SHOOTING BUBBLES online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.