In contrast to the classical balls-shooters, in this game, balls are placed inside the circle, a pool, on a side which goes with the gun. With this gun you will shoot balls on the ground balls, beating their single-color groupings shell of the same color. A number of the same balls in the group necessary for its disappearance in contact with the projectile, is equal to two. That is, if you got red in the group of two red, then all three will disappear from the total mass that you need. And your global aim is the complete cleaning of the pool from all the balls.

All anything, but there is a caveat. Gun, riding in a circle, acting a little weird, unstable somehow. The impression is that it is fixed on hinges and if you move a bit behind, turning the barrel at the movement. Players who are used to the traditional glass balls, this property may be the first time a little way. But the habit to cope with such a gun is produced pretty fast, so the discomfort you feel.

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