Again this guy, and again he needs your help. This time, he reveals that he has moved into the old house where his parents once lived. After living in this house for some time, he was surprised to find that some objects began to move from place to place in some mysterious way.

No, it's not about telekinesis, it's about static. It's just that yesterday the clock was on the table, and today it's on the mantelpiece, the fish swam in the aquarium, and now hangs on the picture and other oddities. He claims that the whole thing is in a certain amulet, which has a mysterious power and performs all these permutations.

The amulet shattered into pieces that are scattered all over the house. Uncle asks you to find all the parts of the mysterious contraption and put them together.

Well, we're not going to find out if it's really some kind of amulet, or if the man just had fun last night and doesn't remember anything today. We'll just try to help him and find everything he asks for.

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