I stand and look at our new home. A light, cool breeze blows over me. We bought this house a few months ago when my father decided to leave us. Time passed, and my mother and I finally decided to move here. The house is dead silent, except for occasional groans and creaks. I don't understand why we chose this particular house. My mother says it was cheaper than the others, but I don't think anyone wanted to live here anymore.

Here is the preface the authors have compiled for this game. Further, the character on whose behalf the story is being narrated suggests exploring the premises in more detail. This is where you connect.

Explore everything here thoroughly, and do the usual thing - search for objects. And there is something to look for here. In the task below, see what items you need to find. When you're done with the first room, you'll move on to the second, and so on. Everywhere you will be haunted by the feeling that you are not alone in the house. Who knows, maybe you will meet uninvited guests... Then tell us who they are!

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