It looks simple, but in fact a very difficult flying game about Santa Claus. Santa Claus was in a hurry for a Christmas party, instead of the traditional mode of transport — reindeer, he chose a flying machine heavier than air — the broom. Like the famous ad in which Santa, drunk a red bull, fired the reindeer and flew away with the bag, and in this game. Well done, Santa is a magician after all.

But all these tales, no broom no Santa, but the reindeer is! Let's help Santa to get as far as something. Managed by a magical sleigh Santa mouse button. Clicking it, you make a bunch of reindeer and sleigh to fly up and consequently Santa Claus climbs, releasing the button, You deactivate the traction and Santa is dropping like a sack under the influence of gravity. The main objective in all of these manipulations is not to crash into obstacles.

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