Safari parks are threatened by destruction: the competitors are going to turn them into hunting grounds. But they had a serious opponent - Lucy, protector of animals and a great expert in crisis management. Along with it you will learn the basics of managing a Safari Park and make this business truly profitable! Your main occupation in the game - the organization of photo tours. Coming into the Park, the first thing a visitor decides to whom he wants to see pay for a ticket and sit in the car. You set the tour to show him all of the selected animals and not too much to zigzag along the tracks, because these visitors are waiting for their turn. Once an animal is photographed, you get a star as a reward for good service. The best photos you will be able to put in a photo album, and the stars and the money will go to upgrading the Safari Park. Over time you will improve the transport (jeep change it to a more capacious), build a Park, several snack bars, gift shop and other facilities for tourists. Then they can stay with you longer, and you earn additional funds on the manufacturing of ice cream, snacks, drinks and Souvenirs. In the life of every animal, there are important events are held the crocodiles lie in the sun, bears find wild honey, a chimp going to a friendly company to swing on vines. It is necessary to photograph such moments - the visitors will get unique pictures, and you'll get a few more stars in my piggy Bank. From time to time on the playing field appear bonuses that you need to collect and activate. They will help you to increase the speed of the car, to tell visitors about any animal, raise to the sky balloon - the additional vehicle, very useful in the influx of tourists. Become a true professional in the Safari business!

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