The English name of the game Kingdom Rush. His Majesty Denis, king of Hammerhand, Linerie, the Lord of the storm mountains, forests and silver stuff, stuff, stuff causes You, Your strategic generalness.

You have to stop the invasion forces of the Dark Lord at any cost. We can't resist such hordes in the open, so we just expect to shoot enemies from their high embattled towers. Build flexible defense system that will destroy any enemy.


  • Barracks train soldiers who are able to delay the advancing enemies and associate them with the battle, don't worry about the soldier, the commander, barracks still give birth-You can rearrange them to the rendezvous point with the mouse, it is very comfortable in the defense of the winding paths.
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  • Small tower known for its attack speed, plus they are the cheapest, five good shots are better than one well, everyone knows that. It is a pity that there is armor that is too tough for them.
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  • But not the armor that will stand the fire of your magical towers. Tricky spells mages knock out the enemy thugs, but in General, the creation of spells is a long process, because against the cannon fodder they are not very effective.
  • The Artillery is the power, really expensive (not only as because of the greed of dwarven engineers) and does not shoot at air targets, but who cares when it does such great damage to the area? the

  • Regular Archmage will cover your enemies with ferbella, and in the future meteor shower. Think of it as our crowning trick.
  • Our brave recruiters have rounded up some of the peasants, we don't know what to do with them, but I think that they can just throw enemies like meat, and it's free, because to find a new one in less than a minute.

For completing levels you get stars, consider it an experience that you can spend on improving your towers and abilities. Strategy can be rethought with a single click and without any cost, moreover, it should be done regularly.
Complicated modes on the levels you will earn extra stars.

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