Flash game about pony-up for girls.
After their adventures, panasci decided to have a big day of friendship. They are very well-walked and littered the whole room of the Palace of Princess Celestia. If she finds out, then no TurboPage not save you from her wrath. Help the ponies in the cleaning and decoration of the room. Wouldn't hurt to have to find the lost elements of harmony.

Elements can't be far away, they are in the room, find them with a flashlight and click it with the left mouse button for selection.
For the successful cleaning of the room you have to go through multiple minigames, send all your clothes to the Laundry, throw away all the trash and then sweep the floors and clean the furniture. Use the mouse and follow the onscreen instructions from Twilight.

Decorate the room, select a color and pattern, and then apply paint with a roller using the mouse.

Download flash player, to play the game.

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