Many summer residents, as well as residents of new-fangled cottage settlements, which have bred a lot in the vast areas of Mother Russia's megacities, of course, are aware of road problems in the infrastructure of their settlements. In fact, over the long history of such buildings, architects and designers have not learned how to calculate and create road networks inside settlements at the drawing stage. So it turns out, houses and objects of vital activity are built, communications are connected, the village is handed over but... It is not possible to live in it, as the roads are a complete mess. Well, for example, to get from the entrance to the village to your house, you need to go around the entire village, which is not normal. This game deals with similar problems. As an experienced homeowner and part-time architect, your task is to build the road network, or rather, to put it in order. Make sure that all infrastructure items in the village are properly connected by roads.

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