And here the third part with another twenty jobs for the future owners of a driving licence of category D (bus). Not to say that the tests become more difficult, but the variety appeared. The new site, stopping, overtaking and braking, Parking and precision driving, and, of course, time! Yes, the instructor will not give you credit for exercise, if you work like a turtle.

The bus Driver is a serious job, and the school bus driver is also a dual responsibility and ultimate clarity. In all tests, try not to touch the obstacles: curbs, poles, trees, etc.

Note that the control bus is not wiping, that is, if you turned the wheel to the right, for example, then it is in that position and will remain, and the bus, driven by you, and will turn to the right, until, until you put the wheel in a neutral, pressing the button to the left.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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