When they gather in flocks they look, especially in this projection with a hint of 3D as a little bright-eyed bugs, running around in a circle. In fact, racing with the monster trucks is a very popular show in America, recall these monsters on huge wheels were born in the United States. In this game you have to participate in these races.

The Track is specially prepared for off-road vehicle special series. There are areas that other vehicles simply can't overcome. And this all at all, monster trucks are not hindered when passing the pits, the size of a one-storey house, not afraid to climb on the huge mounds and fall into the almost perpendicular ravines. And all this at a considerable speed.

Here and try to overtake rivals, skillfully laying the optimal route this ring road. For first place there well paid with the proceeds from the races means you can sell your old and buy a new monster truck. Good luck!

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