In a fairy-tale world, live in a very unusual creatures, such as can be considered reasonable balls. Power of telekinesis they control gun platforms and thus travel the world. The main value of their dwelling place, that fallen stars, in their world none of the usual laws of physics, and the force of gravity is stored in the cloud. They do not like intruders and will strongly push them, depending on their direction, follow the arrows.

Also they guard the gates of heaven to try to get all the marbles. In this arcade puzzle game you need to control the gun platform with the cannon and send the ball into the goal, but first he needs to pick up the Golden key and it is desirable to collect all the stars. The ball can be picked up for re-shot, to do this, just substitute platform to place his fall. You are not limited by anything except time passing a level.

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Games for tablet and smartphone
Games for tablet and smartphone

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