Brother bunny and sister bunny decided to arrange a big competition. When the parents left, they took the balloons and started blowing them up at speed. Whoever bursts the ball faster wins, and to be more honest, the bunnies decided to hold a competition in several rounds.

The first player must press the enter key to inflate the balloon, he plays as a bunny.

The second player must press the spacebar to blow, he plays as a hare.

In total, you have 30 seconds, the remaining time will be counted in your total pool of points, whoever accumulates more points in several rounds will win the argument. If you do not have time to pop the ball, then you will not get points for the round and automatically lose. So hares should have strong lungs, and players should have fast fingers. However, it is a bit unfair that there is only one space bar on the keyboard, and there are two enter keys.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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