Continuing education accurate, filigree the Parking lot. The key to successful Parking is the right entrance to the Parking lot. Quite often it is possible to observe the hapless driver (newcomer's forgivable), which is chugging along, twisting the steering wheel, wiping the tires on the curb, trying to fit your car, among others. What is the stress experienced and the car owner and his car, he fear to hurt someone else's car and unwillingness to be a loser in the eyes of passers-by, it is rubber, slats, brakes — all this is subjected to increased wear. If You did not exactly fit into a suitable Parking place the first time, don't torture the car, and quietly return to starting position and go for another, the optimum trajectory. If You still have the question of optimality of the trajectory, in this game You will understand the basics of drafting. Drive into the allocated Parking space without hitting curbs and other cars.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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