Only in the circus will you see such acrobatic sketches. But this is with insurance, with appropriate training and training. But your hero, who has climbed into the very mouth of the volcano, demonstrates the wonders of gymnastics and acrobatics right above the boiling and bubbling lava below him! Here, with special equipment, not every experienced craftsman will agree to take on such a task, but this guy in a suit, in a hat and with a rope at the end of which an arrow-lock is tied.

For what, I ask?! There is a topic. He is looking for golden idols that have somehow mysteriously ended up inside the volcano. These idols are valuable not only because they are golden, but also because of their magical properties. But we are not affected by magic here, we will concentrate on the production of figurines itself.

If you have ever seen a pendulum, you can clearly imagine how it works. You will create this effect here. Shoot at the ceiling of the corridor slightly ahead of the hero and use the mouse to pull the character clinging to the rope to the fastener. When the character (and he plays the role of a pendulum in this case) is in a convenient position for further movement, unhook the arrow and shoot at a new point, continuing to pull the guy up.

In this way, like a monkey through the vines, he must reach the idol and take it. If you manage to collect more stars along the way, you will get a bonus. But the main thing is an idol. Taking it in one cave of the volcano, go to another, there is another one and so on. The guy with the rope is tenacious and forgives many of your mistakes, but he can't stand diving into boiling lava — watch out for this!

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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