You can't say it's a race like we're used to. The car here drives independently, receiving energy from... collisions with other neighboring vehicles on the highway. To stay in motion, you must crash, but not just where and how, but strictly with the rear bumper on the front bumper behind the car going. Sounds confusing?

Everything is simple. Move the mouse left and right to hover over a car or motorcycle (since the game is 2D, this looks exactly like hovering over an object). After reaching the bumpers, click the left button and your car will quickly fly down, crashing into the target one. From the received impulse, your car will bounce back, continuing to move. Well, after such a bummer, the poor car that you crashed into will be out of the game.

However, it should be borne in mind that side collisions with screeching and sparks, on the contrary, take away energy from the car, and even attract the police.

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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