Only an assault monster truck loaded with various deadly weapons can be cooler than a regular monster truck. Humanity opened portals to new worlds, and prisoners became pioneers and colonists in the old-fashioned way. One of the most popular activities of these colonists was racing on monster trucks. The winner gets everything, so the participants do not disdain anything to achieve their goal, usually enough rockets. You are one of such racers, and your task is to become a great champion of otherworld racers. Use the arrows to move around and the z and x keys to use special abilities.

Missiles damage and slow down opponents, 2 or 3 missiles can completely destroy his car.

Nitro boosts your monster truck. It is advantageous to use it to overcome jumps and collect coins that float in the air.

The use of these abilities is limited, look for tanks to fill up nitro and rockets to charge the bazooka. The money earned can be spent on improvements for the monster truck.

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Monster Truck Racing

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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