Nowadays, in cities that are saturated with traffic, there are no longer even periodic, but simply permanent problems with parking. Wherever you go — you can't get up anywhere! Paid parking, of course, relieves the situation, but in some places, apparently, not for long. Okay, there's nothing to do, I'll have to change to the subway and buses, or not? Wait, there is one great idea, we need to run it!

And this idea rides on four wheels the size of a Kamaz truck and is called a monster truck! Fresh? You drive up to the place (no longer intended, but just desired!) parking lots and, regardless of the cans under your feet (wheels), right on them, drive and get up where your heart desires! No, of course, there may be situations when something goes wrong, for example, a reinforced concrete wall on the way or something similar, but this can be easily avoided!

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