Mountainous terrain, rain, gloomy and gloomy here. The monkey is all alone, wet and cold. Next to her is a cowboy who has apparently lost all the bullets from his revolver. This circumstance does not please him at all, and he is sad. You will have to find all 30 rounds of ammunition together with the monkey and pass it to him, then he will have more fun, and the monkey will be happy. And then, well, what a cowboy without a loaded revolver! So, let's get started.

Some of the cartridges are in plain sight, and you just need to take them. But others will have to look for. We remind you that you are solving a quest, so the search will involve solving logical problems. You will need ingenuity and attention. Collect not only ammo, but also other things that can be used in the future. There is a funny snail here (although it is also sad). You know, it turns out that her slime is a good glue! This knowledge may be useful to you...

Good luck!

You can play the game MONKEY 159: THE SAD COWBOY online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.