The old monkey continues her world tour of unusual places. And here she is in a fairy-tale winter village, where snow fairies apparently live. Look at the scene on the left. There is a slightly confused fairy and asks the monkey to collect 20 snowflakes for her. Apparently, this will be the main task of this series of quests.

Start collecting as usual with what is visible to the naked eye. After collecting all the visible snowflakes, pay attention to the tree standing near the fairy. There's a note attached to it. Here is the text from it: Dear Jenny, I'll be home for Christmas. We can go to Mass and then have dinner. Max. In the note there are words highlighted in different colors: xmas (Christmas) - yellow, mass - in red, Maxx - purple. It is possible that such a special emphasis on words plays a role here. Well, what, and whether it matters at all, you will have to guess for yourself.

We wish you good luck!

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