A very unusual approach to mahjong is shown to us by the developers of this version of the game. First, images on tiles. These are road signs, exactly the ones that we are used to seeing on the roadways. When disassembling the structure, you can also remember the traffic rules, repeating at the same time the meaning of the signs themselves. Do you know, for example, a sign indicating oncoming traffic? Here you will meet him. And not only him.

Secondly, the authors tied slow or unclear disassembly to superficial knowledge, deciding to introduce severe fines and penalties for this. For example, time is up - play again (well, this is still soft and even ordinary), or if you have created a deadlock situation (there are no more moves), then you go to prison (not you, of course, but your virtual character). Really, friends. You need to know the signs and be able to read them at lightning speed, because on the road there is no time to look at them and remember their purpose.

As for the rules, the standards and traditions of mahjong are not violated here. Disassemble all tiers of tiles of knuckles, sequentially extracting pairs of identical road signs from them. Step by step, because only those that are open can be extracted and others do not interfere with them.

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