The nature of human vision, its features and all its properties are still not fully understood. Yes, a lot has been clarified in recent decades, but there are still mysteries, there are! By studying and analyzing human perception of visual information, engineers have created and successfully develop optical vision and other technologies, trying to get closer to the perfection of nature.

You will have more mundane tasks in this game, although you can philosophize and speculate on the topic, say: How my eye instantly sees the same pictures in this variety. And the speed of recognition of identical images will be required here, since the time allocated for the game runs away quite quickly.

It should be noted that faces are the most difficult objects for visual comparison, and it is the faces in microphotographs that you will have to compare in this kind of connect mahjong game. Some can be detected quickly, their color scheme stands out noticeably from the rest, but some will be more difficult. There are some faces here, the differences in which you will not notice fluently. Well, that's why it's mahjong connect to help develop your powers of observation.

So, find pairs of identical images and remove them from the field. Keep in mind that two conditions must be met to successfully connect two identical images. First, each of the two elements of the pair should not be disturbed by neighbors. Secondly, it is necessary to be able to draw a line between them that has no more than 2 folds at right angles. A special case of this possibility is the location of identical photos next to each other, i.e. when one image of either side touches the side of another of the same type.

The problem is considered solved if you managed to remove absolutely all the photos of faces during the allotted time.

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