Blustery Garden or a riot in the garden — so characterize taking place in the game by its creators. Harvest the Rabbit is ripe, but to help to clean it to no one. Passed Winnie the Pooh, Rabbit, gritting his heart, called him to help. But nice and kind bear is known for its sluggishness and slowness, therefore, the patronage of them you have to take into their own hands.

In essence, the game is a modified Line (Lines), which we used to play marbles. Here, as objects for the compilation chain used items garden tools: watering cans, buckets and other. Since all this is scattered around the garden beds as a hit, you need to help Winnie the Pooh to restore order.

Restoring order is in the mode of drawing horizontal or vertical (but not diagonal!) lines of the same elements. The number of watering cans, buckets, etc. in the lines needed for cleaning depends on the selected option of difficulty (easy - 3, average - 4, complex - 5).

If the next move is not removed, nor a line, then on the field in one of the cells appears the weed, preventing further conducting elements through the cell. These weeds significantly complicate the game.

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