Donkey Jack Smith soon left without parents, and living a difficult life, constantly wandering. In such conditions, finding steady work was difficult and then he invented one thing, which later brought him money and fame. The father even before the death taught him blacksmithing, he days and nights spent in the forge, earning the money to feed the family. Jack a lot, then learn from him, and now, having built a mobile forge on wheels with the latest technology, he founded his business.

The Advantage of his mobile forge was the fact that he was always on the move there, where there was some kind of war where there was fighting. Accordingly, it constantly addressed the soldiers, ordering him weapons: swords and stuff. His informant was a Dog, who, being in the loop, regularly told him where to go for orders. Convenient, isn't it?

So, you will help out Jack Smith in his work, forging swords and other weapons and protection for soldiers. The accuracy and neatness of your work will depend on the reputation of a blacksmith and business development of the forge in General. Try to work quickly and efficiently, because despite the virtually monopolistic market supply, the demand for fast breaking swords is unlikely to be high.

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