The global problem of large megacities is traffic jams. There are not enough transport interchanges, narrow roads, a lot of traffic lights, trucks and other similar troubles lead to the appearance of multi-kilometer traffic jams. Sometimes there are so many cars that they just get up and stand, especially if there is an accident somewhere, even if it is small and only one row is blocked. Motorists stand idle for hours in such traffic collisions. But the heroes of this game, Ami and Yumi, famous pop performers, hurry to the concert. They had hoped to get there quickly by car, but it wasn't there. They got up. Ami and Yumi looked at their watch, hoping to catch the concert in time, then jumped out of the car and ran... right over the roofs of other cars in the direction of the concert hall. Help them get to their destination in time, otherwise the fans will be very upset. Jump over oncoming passers-by, as a head-on collision will not lead to anything good.

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