In an era when jousting bored with even the most backward of kingdoms of kingdoms was born a new kind of competition. The Renaissance rose from the ashes of the most ancient dreams of mankind, one of the most common is the desire to learn to fly. Annually, the entire civilized world is happy with the competition flyers. Brave knights from all kingdoms Yes, States should gather on the roof of the tallest tower and jump down from it. The purpose of this contest is not to show their prowess but to break my head on the pavement, and to show the wonders of flying skills and collect as many roses from the local lovely ladies.

Use arrows to fly and carefully plan your route. From the ladies can get roses and kisses, but indecisive knight will get a slap in the face, however, is not the worst thing that you will find. Broom, witch, poison arrows, that's what a real adventure!

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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