A space mercenary named Borg has returned to his home planet after long journeys and dangerous contracts. The joy of returning was overshadowed by the fact that his home is invaded by candy-like life forms. Perhaps someone more organic would be able to find a common language with them, but the cybernetic race of the Borg clearly does not get along with sweets, they stick together microchips. The sweet invaders put the Borg kin in a cage and threaten to blow up the planet if the cybernetics don't give up. You will have to win it back and free all its inhabitants. Faster, the invaders start planting gingerbread, very soon the planet will become uninhabited.

In this action game, you need to kill all the enemies and save your own to complete the levels. Use the arrows to move around and the space bar to shoot. The Borg's weapons are so powerful that they can even melt rocks, not to mention the sugar bodies of their opponents.

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