Wow! Monkey, it seems that Russia ended up! View: the temple, and in it a girl in the kokoshnik, Russian nesting dolls, the little man in front of the entrance, asking for a bottle... Well, if with a couple of dolls to understand You will succeed quickly, but with the third, probably will have some trouble. There is speculation that the biggest doll is hidden behind a combination lock. To open it, it is necessary to napati the logic and soobrazhalku.

What do you think can represent the sign of not equal? Do the letters ABCD the correct location of the answers in the castle? How to interpret arithmetic task, if A, for example, equal to 5, and points in the slot of the castle, a maximum of 4? Yeah, lock difficult. And the silhouette of the temple on the panel in the back room — you will be able to collect his sample? A lot of questions, and they are all waiting for Your answers. Try to guess all on your own and decide quest, well, happy monkey, as always will be the best indicator of the correctness of Your solution. Good luck!

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