And again the Arab lands. The desert, the heat that is exhausting and drying everything around, but the locals do not rest in the shade, but work on the construction of some object. Perhaps this is another pyramid scheme and it is happening in Egypt, or maybe they are building some secret water extraction plant in the United Arab Emirates or Saudi Arabia. Who knows?..

The monkey is there, shivering despite the sizzling heat. But you and I know that it's not the cold that makes her shiver, but the uncertainty. This is how a person who realizes that he is in a difficult situation will tremble, and what to do is not clear. But the experience of long life years (the monkey is quite an old woman here) and your foresight should put everything in its place. Get to the bottom of what is happening and solve the 74th series of the quest. A lucky monkey is the best reward for the winner! Good luck!

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