This kind of divination has been known since ancient times. You only need a Cup of freshly brewed coffee and a saucer. Drinking coffee and controlling the presence of sediment (grounds) at the bottom of the Cup, wait 7 seconds, turn the Cup upside down on the saucer. The second stage consists in turning the Cup on the saucer a few times. Then, carefully remove the Cup from the saucer, turning it at an angle of 90 degrees so that the content was well You see it. Shapes formed from the coffee grounds in a saucer, the walls and the bottom of the Cup and will reflect Your past, present, and future, respectively.

Remember that to guess several times in a row is possible, but completely pointless, as the most accurate the results will be just the first attempt. In order for You do not waste time and not performed all these actions in reality (although sometimes the coffee you want!), we offer You to tell fortunes in this online version! A good and welcome You predictions!

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Games for tablet and smartphone

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