The mechanics of games from the Fishing and Gold Diggers sections are the same. It is somewhat similar to that in a slot machine, where the player is asked to get a toy or any other prize item using a manipulator. There you need to bring the gripper mechanism to the correct position and, by pressing the button, accurately lower it to the desired object. In this game, the role of the manipulator is played by a construction crane with a hook swinging on a cable to the right and left with a constant amplitude.

Instead of toys and other prize items, there are gold nuggets, cobblestones, bags of unknown filler, bones and skulls under the ground. However, the concept of underground is very relative. Yes, in the picture we really see a section of the soil and everything that is in it. But in practice, the crane hook easily pierces the resistance of the ground and easily gets to any object in it. It is also noteworthy that by releasing the hook at an angle, you can detect the complete absence of gravity on it. It continues to move strictly in a straight line, just as you released it.

This system allows you not to be distracted by possible deviations, but to focus directly on aiming. In the process of movement, the hook catches the first object that comes in its way and automatically goes back up, getting this object to the surface. It is very good if it turns out to be a gold nugget, because it brings a lot of points. Moreover, the number of points depends on the size of the gold bar. The bigger it is, the better. But. The size of an object is directly related to the speed of its ascent to the surface. The gold miner's crane takes a long time to get a large nugget, and the player may not have time to get it by the time the game ends.

Yes, the game has a timer. Once it expires, the gold digger's work shift will end, just like the game. During this time, you will have to complete the level task in time, extracting gold for the amount required in the task. Of course, you can get not only gold, but also stones, bones, skulls, but buying them takes cheap, and you will not be able to hand over the required amount on time. If you have enough time, we advise you to get a bag out of the ground. It often contains useful items that you can buy at a local store, but they are not cheap. And many of them are really useful in the game. Well, for example, a more powerful engine will allow you to get gold much faster (and everything else).

So, the task of a gold digger is as follows. If you see gold (nugget, ingot, etc.), wait for the crane hook to pass over it and shoot (by clicking the mouse or tapping your finger). If your aim was correct, then the hook will go exactly to the target, hook it and raise it to the surface. The goal of the level is located in the upper-right corner (the field with the target). Good luck!

You can play the game GOLD DIGGER 2 online 24 hours a day for free. It is no need to download and install it on your computer, and it is also not required you to be the registered user. Just ckick and enjoy. See also a set of related games below on that you might be interested to look.