Have you noticed that you sometimes strange things happen? Maybe you've even realized what you meant is not quite the customary fate? One day all these strange razyasnyat! While walking through the forest you will meet an old wizard and tells you that you are the chosen one. You must free from the evil spell of the fairy Kingdom, but first you need to learn something. The wizard will guide you to the heart of the forest, to the enchanted lake. There you can learn the basics of magic. This will allow you to control plants and animals. Plants, animals, and magic of the forest - everything you need to create fairies! The creation of the forest of fairies - not such a complicated matter, the main thing - to adjust. Lake grow colorful water lilies. You can use them to catch fireflies the same color: red lilies - red fireflies, blue - blue. When the Lily will Shine a wonderful light, you need to touch her magic wand to make a fairy. If you are a diligent student, you'll have a whole collection: blue fairy beauty, orange fairies health, purple fairies of happiness and so on. As soon as the fairy appears out of a flower, you need to hide it in light of the right color, otherwise she will get angry and disappear. Fairies can grant wishes, each in his field. They will be your helpers: you can send them to the villages of the fairy Kingdom to break the spell of the evil witch. Because of her witchcraft, the locals have lost the ability to love and be happy. Give to each what he most needed, make people happy, and the dark forces will retreat! By results of passing each level, you get temporary bonuses and Stardust. This is the currency of fairyland. Over time, you will be able to build on these resources a real castle. Develop your magical talents, improve skills, and you will become a Great Forest Magician!

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