The quality of the farmer from Yoda. Here the levels of more and many new jobs. The series is called Save the town. According to the authors, the owner of a farm located on the resort called a friend and said that the land of a farmer trying to capture a black landowner. The farmer throws the rest and flies to the aid of his farm.

Map of the area of the farm open in the game gradually, in pieces, as you progress through the level associated with each of them. It starts with a simple, interactive help system (by the way, it works fine throughout the game), tells You what and how to do it. How to deliver the milk to the milkman, where to get the flour and prepared the dough to bring the Baker.

On Your farm many areas, the products which can be consumed either in pure form and in combination with the other. There is a mill, barn, and sawmill, and orchards, and wheat fields.... Read, work, do daily plans and Your farm will recover, grow and prosper. Good luck in business!

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