This Zuma has been subjected to conceptual changes, namely: principle remove groups of balls from the snake changed. Now you do not need to collect groups of same 3 and more balls. For destruction link of the snake color of the items is not important. Have a look at each bulb that is included with a snake figure on balls-projectiles fired by cannon also has a number. You need to shoot to get between the moving balls, the projectile formed a pair with sum equal to 10. For example, see creeping blue deuce, shoot her an eight-ball and the two ball disappear from the composition of the snake. For such a pair is charged with 20 points. There are other better options. If the snake is double, triple, etc. digit, for example two, three or more fours, standing nearby, who were six and they will be removed all points you will do more. So, don't look at the color of the balls, look at the numbers and match the expressions with the sum of 10.

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