The theme of this puzzle — professions and occupations. Will have to remember some... And You know your stuff. So, the following is a specification. Everybody try to solve. By the way, you can print crossword if You got used to solve on paper.


  1. Sees, creates an image and feeling of fashion.
  2. Creates designs of future buildings.
  3. He is well versed in languages.
  4. He sees the world differently and shares his imagination in colors.
  5. the Driver of multi-ton machines that require special roads.
  6. He is given freedom birds, here are just a few places to land.
  7. Confirm the legitimacy of the copy of the document.
  8. Helps to understand what's going on in our thoughts and feelings.
  9. Who will help the pilot smoothly put the aircraft into the Parking lot?
  10. He approaches business like he doesn't like it.
  11. he has a difficult task - to persuade people to buy something.
  12. He knows how to teach the dog to respond to specific things.
  13. Versed in the sweet and know how to cook them.
  14. Able to explore the bowels of the Earth.
  15. Rolls the roller over the wall.
  16. Who agrees with cows on milk supply?
  17. Free itinerant seller.
  18. well-Versed in jewels.


  1. the Specialist (often a musician), a master of his craft.
  2. Know how to explain everything.
  3. His vocation - to treat animals.
  4. Collector of various designs.
  5. is Able to combine flowers in unique bouquets.
  6. Universal specialty in diplomas of graduates of technical institutions.
  7. Specialist, knowledgeable in water pipes and sewers.
  8. Unite team will prepare and set up for the game.
  9. Everyone believes, Yes, believes where the money happened to know.
  10. know how to frame the question.
  11. Salary he is paid back.
  12. Among the people of this profession a lot of celebrities.
  13. Know all about the structure of living beings.
  14. Profession in which you rejoice when there is no work.
  15. Who can lay bricks?
  16. Able to work with the teeth.
  17. profession related to the processing of materials in rotation.
  18. Specialty where the saying Seven times measure, one cut off is a matter of life and death.
  19. Should be on guard of public order.
  20. Versed in plants and that some of them where to grow.
  21. Must be a model of fairness.
  22. Employee of the ISS.
  23. This profession creates records.
  24. File, hacksaw, pliers work what specialty most often uses these tools?

I Hope that the crossword You like. If something is wrong - email it is very important Your opinion!

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