It's a real athletic test for cooks-professionals. However, people who are far from the kitchen, too, can try themselves in this business. Novice scullion-girl needs to fulfill customer orders, fry them the required products to the desired extent. You know, like in a restaurant: what You steak rare? - The average. Here something similar.

The Problem is that you have no tools to determine and control the degree of doneness. It will have the eye to determine the degree of readiness of the ordered meals. All you have is a burning hot pan. Fry need on both sides. Flips the product in the pan by mouse click, and the plate is placed, when, in your opinion, he's ready.

Good results can be achieved only by trial and error. As long as you do a few times, not try to make - get will not. And that's when the fuck up NN-th number of pancakes, steaks, fish, sausages, only then will you begin to understand what it means to cook until tender. Good luck!

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