This type of business is widespread in many countries. Even, for example, on the hilly streets of hot Cyprus, you can find small pavilions where you can wash clothes and underwear. It works everywhere in different ways, somewhere a coin receiver is simply screwed to the washing machines and the user throws a few coins, opening the laundry loading hatch. And somewhere customers are met by a receptionist, accepting dirty and giving out washed things. The business, by the way, is quite profitable.

In several levels of this game, you will control the operation of one of these laundromats. At your disposal is a wide variety of appliances, among which there are especially many washing machines. Accept laundry from customers and run it in the laundry, according to their wishes. Work quickly and without delay. Remember, there is another laundry room around the corner, and if you feel that it is faster and better, customers will inevitably go there. Also, try not to detain people who have come to pick up your order.

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