Bubble shooting is a game that can dissolve time. It seems that you burst the bubbles for only 5 minutes, but in fact it's already been half an hour. This illusion of the shooter is reinforced by the absence of any timers and clocks here. A game without time, that is, infinite in essence, although this is how you will play.

This version is the most ordinary, we can say the classic interpretation of games of this genre. Everything is simple and nothing superfluous. A ball with an arrow, with which you (an experienced bubble shooter) indicate the direction of the shot and a mass of the same bubble balls sliding down from above. Try not to let them slide to the very bottom — this is the pseudo-goal of the game.

The bubbles are multi-colored, and they can only be destroyed (burst) in groups consisting of balls of the same color. The initiator of destruction is a bubble-shell, just the one that you shoot. If a red bubble, for example, falls into a group of two or more such red bubbles, then all this red cluster will disappear. Of course, the cue ball cannot penetrate deep into the mass, so the elimination of bubbles has to be carried out only from the edges.

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