A young Japanese family of Mika and Akio researchers. Their passion is the study of paranormal phenomena. Now they work in one of the old temple, known for the legend of the bride of a samurai, many years ago who died in battle. According to unofficial observations, the phantom bride continues to regularly visit the temple, bringing a lot of anxiety its visitors and keepers.

Go to this wonderful temple with Akio and Mika and see what happens. To sit in ambush, of course, is not necessary, but some research will need. Items for search will be You ask parishioners. Look at the left panel there will appear the card with a photo of the parishioner and a picture of the things that interests him. The faster You find the desired object, the greater credibility will win in all search operations. I wonder whether Your shed with Akio and Mika study of light on the mystery of the temple and whether You see a mysterious samurai bride?!.. Will let you know!

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