A new game from the Disaster Will Strike. Is an arcade game and, to some extent, the God simulator from for its plot. It was so...

In prehistoric times, when there were even dinosaurs, the Earth was inhabited by a race of intelligent eggs. God commanded them to be fruitful and multiply, and successfully than they did. Once they became so numerous that the Land was not able to feed them, plus they have built up different buildings, which is clearly not part of the divine strategy. In General, God decided to stop the uncontrolled proliferation with the help of the forces of nature.

You're playing for God, and break the eggs. Fun and quirky, and the game itself is a puzzle. The power of the Almighty is limited, so you must attack in the correct sequence to clearly to kill all the eggs. By the way, they lived on the continent called Atlantis, so now you know another secret.

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