The second series of the original black and white Mahjong. No bright colored paints in the entourage, and on the knuckles themselves plenty, maybe even too much. Why black and white? It's simple: bones half black, half white. This did not prevent the authors to place on the colorful tiles of the image. Moreover, the color of the tiles imposes a restriction on its potential a couple. Twin knuckle should be different colors, then they can play. Black — right pair, Black with black or white with white — no!
Paired also are:
Tiles with pictures of seasons: winter, autumn, summer, spring.
- Tiles, painted them with flowers.
That is, during disassembly You can join the winter with summer, for example, an Orchid or a Tulip.
the time Counter is present, however, for statistical purposes only. In difficult situations You can use the hint (Hint).

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